We ourselves are frequent visitors to a wide range of eating establishments, but we have never been to one that served Japanese-made Oolong tea.

When one thinks of Oolong, the following three things probably spring to mind:

Oolong tea = made in China
Oolong tea = plastic bottles 
Oolong tea = cheap = low quality

Oolong tea is the preferred beverage for diners who do not drink alcohol. Low prime cost Chinese-made Oolong tea supplied in a plastic bottle is served by many restaurateurs. As an even lower prime cost alternative, Chinese-made Oolong tea bags are used to make hot tea on site. No establishments we know of use domestically produced Organic Oolong Tea.

The polyphenol contained in Oolong tea has fat-burning and anti-weight gain effects, and this is the basis for the great success of Oolong as a supposedly safe, healthy product.