Ara-cha (unrefined tea) is made from our Organic Tamaryoku-cha, but one stage removed from the final roasting that gives our Organic Tamaryoku-cha its deep color and flavor.

Ara-cha is usually not available for general sale, instead traded mostly as a raw ingredient. In 1975, the Ara-cha produced at Fujisako Tea Estate was shipped to big brand name tea manufacturers in areas like Shizuoka, Ureshino, Yame and Chiran, and used as a raw ingredient in other products. That Ara-cha was used in brand name teas nationwide under the names of major corporations.

We desperately wanted our product to be recognized as organic tea, but at that time, and perhaps still now, the organic tea we made here in Sagara was blended with other teas. Regardless of whether the tea was organic or covered in pesticides, it was shipped and labeled "Product of Kumamoto." As with tea and other food items, stating the place of production is an absolute necessity. Nowadays, the Organic JAS mark gives the impression other makers’ products may be unsafe, and they can find the market difficult.

The feature of Ara-cha is that it doesn’t really have any depth of flavor. At first, a lack depth may seem like a negative point, but many overseas customers aren’t yet at a stage where they can appreciate the depth of flavor and astringency of Japanese green tea. This means Ara-cha is well received by those who are new to green tea. It was actually when an overseas distributor appraised our Ara-cha and saw it as a beverage for general consumption that we considered supplying it to the general public. Perhaps there will come a day where powdered Ara-cha is consumed in the sushi restaurants of the world.

Ara-cha can be enjoyed for its clear flavor and refreshing taste, even in a cold water infusion.