Commitment to safety

We’re different from the rest!

At Fujisako Tea Estate our tea is made to the highest standards of safety and security

I was brought to the brink of destruction because of agricultural chemicals – chemical fertilizers and insecticides. I can smile like I do today only because I stopped spreading those chemicals. I raise my crops naturally, without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers, just like the old days. I want to tell everyone about the wonderful power that Nature has.

I come from the town of Nishiki in Kuma district, Kumamoto Prefecture, born the eldest son of a Japanese tea-maker.
We began chemical-free tea production in 1978 and in 1985 we were awarded the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize. In 2007 we acquired the Organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (certification number 0707-A04) and now we provide guidance to tens of young locals in the ways of chemical fertilizer and pesticide-free tea production.

Where we make our tea: Nishiki, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefecture

The tea is produced deep in the mountains, completely free from the clamor of the city. We also process all our tea on-site, so the cleanliness of the air and water is consistent right from planting to processing.

The area is famous locally as the "Origin of the Mist" and the large temperature swing between morning and night helps to make the most delicious tea. On our estate, the things that are natural – the soil, insects, water, and of course the tea – work together collectively and naturally. This is why, instead of using insecticides to exterminate pests, we look for assistance from beneficial bugs – the spiders, mantises and ladybugs – to do the job for us. We also harness the power of trillions of beneficial bacteria to keep the earth fertile. Good earth is rich in minerals, so much so that fawns and wild boar piglets come to eat it in the early spring.

“Nature provides everything we need”
Ochacha Honpo products are processed with painstaking care, but we leave the growing to Nature.

The scenery at Fujisako Tea Estate
Fujisako Tea Estate is located in the hilly terrain of the Hitoyoshi Basin, surrounded on all sides by mountains over 700 meters tall. The 230 meter elevation guards against airborne pesticides and other harmful substances from outside.