Our Organic Roasted Tea is made by roasting our own unrefined Organic Tamaryoku-cha at a high temperature for twice as long and at twice the temperature as regular roasted tea.

The color of the leaves is near jet black and the caffeine content is extremely low, making Organic Roasted Tea the perfect beverage for small children and those on a low-caffeine diet.

Our Organic Roasted Tea has a clear aftertaste and almost no bitterness. The high temperature and lengthy roasting time makes for a smoky, characterful tea.

 The base for our Organic Roasted Tea is our own unrefined Organic Tamaryoku-cha. This means the tea leaves curl up into tiny balls known as “gyoku” (visible in the photograph to the right), indicative of high quality Tamaryoku-cha. The unconventional shape of the “gyoku” means they are usually removed during quality control processes. However, the presence of “gyoku” is actually a highly sought-after quality, and tea aficionados come to our factory from far and wide in search of tea leaves of such a rare and valuable shape.

At our factory, we purposefully leave the “gyoku” in our Organic Roasted Tea, and the tea we sell is exactly as it is after roasting. We believe our customers are extremely fortunate to have access to an Organic Roasted Tea that contains such an abundance of “gyoku.”

 While the obvious way to prepare our Organic Roasted Tea is in a teapot with hot water, we think it also makes for a delicious chilled beverage, refrigerated after a hot water infusion.