The perfect length of wilt and precise timing of the deep-steam are decided based on the exact combination of the past year’s weather and the current growth situation of the tea leaves. Automation certainly brings about maximum productivity in tea-making, however, the very best methods for drawing out the tea leaves’ flavor can only be achieved with the wisdom of a master tea maker. 

Compared to the needle-shaped leaves of regular Sencha, the curled leaves of Deep-Steamed Tamaryoku-cha can be reused several times more. Sencha usually lasts up to three infusions, whereas Tamaryoku-cha can still be adequately enjoyed after up to seven.

 In the three days prior to plucking, the tea leaves are shielded from direct sunlight to further enhance the delicious flavors of our Deep-steamed Organic Tamaryoku-cha.

<A cold water infusion of Deep-Steamed Organic Tamaryoku-cha>
Tamaryoku-cha made using cold water is refreshing with depth of flavor. Infuse in hot water and enjoy yet a different taste. Organic Tamaryoku-cha is a beverage you can enjoyed in both summer and winter.