”Kuro chariki” Rich tea Japanese roasted green tea-leaf type, safe organic JAS certified

Hojicha "Chariki series" roasted green tea strength leaf type is.

Place and made the tea Takumi Fujisako Ken-ichi
Completely organic and chemical fertilizerThe tea.

Extra ingredients include caffeine limit compared to the usual roasted roasting time and temperature both spent more than twice.

Tea leaves are called "Raven" the extreme low caffeine content is evident.

Very low caffeine content (decaffeinated) from young children to elderly with confidence, drinking not only accompany the meal, stabilize the spirit drink at night before going to bed, also will lead you to deep sleep.

■ commercial product name: black tea strength (roasted)
■ volume: 80 g (REF type)
Black tea power use and picking the best possible, we use only high-quality tea leaves removed the axes, such as another.
■ Student origin: Kumamoto Prefecture Kuma-gun Nishiki-Cho
■ made of reinforced concrete: Kumamoto Prefecture Kuma-gun Nishiki-Cho
■ producers: Ken-ichi Fujisako
■ JAS certified organic:SEZ-26030551
■ residual pesticide:BHC (α-β-γ-sum of θ), DDT (including DDD and DDE) and, including aldrin, dieldrin, EPN Dichlorvos (DDVP)-Diazinon fenitrothion all missing
* Each, detection limit 0.02 ppm.
* By gas chromatography
■ facial radiation independently inspected by the:RADIATION TESTER (0.01-0.02 μ SV/h: natural radiation levels)

Existing distribution routes, quite hard to identify regions and producers is a reality. However, it said, also proved the chemical free cultivation has reached nearly 40 years very rare tea in organic tea company, which the producers and production. Enjoy a nostalgic flavor somewhere, because unlike pursues the flavor varieties than necessary is improved variety tea leaves, Japan has been taken and since ancient times more genes have taken over as the taste and smell, natural in-



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